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to the northwest of gaithersburg. some between reston and chantilly and heaviest is toward manassas and around 66. we'll track those for you live and talk about a strong cold front on friday. >>> but first, plans to keep the power on across the region. a look at one plan trying to move forward and another that is not. up next. >>> back now with an update on plans to build a high transmission power line through parts of maryland and virginia. we told you last month about pjm interconnection's decision that it may not need the path line any longer. and tomorrow, the company will make that decision final by ending the project. pjm originally contended that the $2 billion project would help supply energy to 13 states. but it says conditions have changed, it's no longer needed. >> pepco plans to file for another rate increase this fall. maryland regulators denied most of all the other requests for a rate increase and pepco executive says higher rates quote, will be crucial to continue the pace of investment in maryland. well, gambling is the focus of a special legislative session in maryland, but pep
that stop says the sewage never backed up into his store. at this office building on reston parkway in reston, inspectors cited no food safety manager, food not date marked and risky temperatures. we went undercover seeing the deli still closed with a note saying sorry for the inconvenience. and roaches across from tyson's galleria. it happened here. the health department cited the restaurant because it didn't have a food safety manager on duty. that's the person responsible to keep roaches away from food. the person who has to maintain a communicable disease policy for the staff and who has to keep food at safe temperatures. the health department cited this restaurant for violating those policies too. >> i ordered the ravioli. >> i'm sorry to hear that. >> reporter: how was your lunch? >> it was fine. i didn't know about it. >> reporter: the owner of the taste of saigon restaurant and patio in the same building says it did not close and it is licensed separately. in prince george's county, officials closed three roadside operations for operating without licenses. follow me and see
to the south and east of manassas. you can see the yellows and reds there out towards reston, sterling, crossing 66 here. i would expect a very slow commute from western communities. if you are watching prince george's county, southern maryland, you too will likely see some rain showers here shortly, even up towards columbia, as this is pushing to the east and north. we are likely to see more thunderstorm activity redevelop here during the course of the day. let me show you a bigger picture. couple different bands of morning rain will be moving through. another chance for rain and/or thunderstorm activity late this afternoon and tonight as that comes through. big area of low pressure, you can see it spinning there up towards detroit and that will spin here for the next 24 hours and kick out spokes of energy. eventually, this whole thing will pass on thruway cold front and as we get into the daytime hours tomorrow, gradual improvement including less humidity and cooler temperatures by tomorrow afternoon. here is your futurecast, we'll put it in motion for you. 9:00 being suggesting lots
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of the cooler air. there have been a couple more out around reston. all of this will be coming through as we go through the evening. later on we will see some leftovers to the south. temperatures and martinsburg right now is 70 degrees. over a half-inch of rain in hagerstown. ocean city is into the 70's. there is the leading edge of whether coming our way. here is gordon heading toward the azores. there is another tropical storm forming. that will be moving ashore and one of the things that does not last very long. we are still at 90 degrees and washington. the weather front comes through. some lingering showers. noticeably drier air comes our way tomorrow. it will be refreshing. any showers will be more likely for people in southern maryland. temperatures on sunday -- even though we may see a passing shower only near 80 degrees. look at next week. if you are on vacation it will be great, only in the 80's. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> nationals on a roll and the roll back into town. >> everybody across the country is talking abou
and warm. out to the west, we have rain showers moving in. places like frederick, leesburg, reston. this is all very light, winchester, front royal. it is pushing off to the east and to the north and east. inmost of us will see rain showers over the next couple of hours. it will be a wet commute. showers will be back in the forecast in the afternoon. current temperature, 77 in washington. mother doe -- more doe tail in just a minute. >> now, to our top stories, verizon is out with an in-depth report that occurred in fairfax county and other parts of virginia during the derecho storm in june. the report says external power failures affected more than 100 verdictize op locations but at two locations being back upbatteries drained and generators failed to start. verizon is conducting an audit of critical facilities throughout the entire d.c. metro region. >>> three people are dead after a shoot outnear the texas a & m university campus. this happened yesterday afternoon when thomas kafall opened fire on officers serving him with appear eviction notice. >>> both president obama and th
and moving into manassas and reston, answer more downpours in loudoun county. 67 degrees in martinsburg, highs in the mid to upper 80s. the morning rain will come to an end. sunny breaks by lunchtime. this afternoon and evening, more thunderstorms, some of which could be strong to severe with gusty, straight line wins posing the biggest threat. low humidity by sunday with bright sunshine. we will start saturday with areas of rain. back to you. >> thank you. this morning is your last chance to enter to win tickets to the montgomery county fair. >> first you have to register. go to wjla.com/facebook to sign up. if you are the winner, you get four fair tickets, ride wristbands, and $25 to spend on fair food. if we will announce the final winner in the 6:00 hour right here on "good morning washington." >> the mudslinging is picking up in the presidential rac >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> and awol soldier who planned to attack a restaurant in texas will afford the soldiers as a
and the beltway and into warrenton. chantilly reston maybe getting some light showers and just in- between gaithersburg and reston where you see the yellow you may be getting more of a moderate rainfall there at this hour. it's very sporadic around the area tonight. here's a greater look at the doppler and very few thunderstorms earlier today but it's bin coon of a drizzly and gray day for the sunday. temperatures also the unofficial high at reagan national only 78ed to. average being 87. now we're in the mid 70s in downtown. already into the mid 60s outside the beltway. and in our suburbs. so overnight, cloudy and cool with just some isolated showers. lows will fall into the 60s and tomorrow morning, as you're waking up and kids are going to the bus stop we're expecting mostly cloudy conditions and a chance for some showers and temperatures will be in the 70s by 9:00. so definitely maybe a light jacket for that morning walk to school. and also of course your umbrellas. i'll tell you how long this cooler and unsetted weather pattern lasts, surae? >> thank you anny. >>> the white house isn'
been running for 20 days less than initially planned. only the development center in reston will remain unaffected. employees are facing a situation with mixed feelings. >> that is just the way it is. i think it will mostly hit the factory, not the engineering section, like us. we will move on. it is just politics. >> experts do not think reduce working hours alone will be able to fix opel's problems. >> this will be an initial compromise that works for a few months, but no more than that. in the long run, we will have to see whether they undertake fundamental reforms, but for now, i do not see any insights on that. >> some of the debate over possible plant closures in germany looks set to continue. >> the south african president has announced a creation of a judicial inquiry into the deaths of 34 miners who died in strike- related clashes with police in the deadliest clashes since apartheid. van at a ceremony was held near the scene of the violence, which local media are describing as a massacre -- >> a ceremony was held near the scene of the violence. >> thousands of mourners gathered
in arlington. 73 downtown. to north and west, 68 in rockville. 67 in gaithersburg. 68 in bowie. 68 in reston and fairfax, but 66 out toward leesburg and also manassas. now tomorrow morning, partly sunny, warm. 70s and 80s. should be a dry commute. we can't rule out an isolated shower, but the main event is going to be in the afternoon. partly sunny, almost hot. scattered storms. some heavy, some severe. high temperatures near 90. next three days, we'll go code yellow tomorrow because of the big storms. 88. we'll go green on wednesday, an isolated storm. 88. and green on thursday, just an isolated storm, 90. nothing to worry about right now on wednesday and thursday. ne seven days, friday we will heat up a little bit. back in the low 90s. stronger cold front comes through friday night. that's actually good. that will give us storms friday night. but it will set the stage for a very nice weekend. saturday and sunday, we should be in the mid 80s for highs. in the 60s for lows and these are downtown temperatures and monday even nice. mid 80s, but maybe a sprinkle. >> just really okay. >> yeah,
in reston. 68 in fairfax. and even 68 over in bowie. 70 in college park. now tomorrow morning, i think we'll be dry, partly sunny. 70s and 80s. by afternoon, partly sunny conditions, almost hot, scattered storms. some heavy, some severe. high temperatures near 90. winds out of the sow west at 10. all right, next three days, code yellow because of the potential. 88. isolated storm on wednesday. 88. isolated storm on thursday, 90. we'll go code green wednesday and thursday. next seven days, hot on friday. low 90s. cold front comes through friday night. and that will give us a chance for good storms friday night and set the stage for a nice weekend, derek, low to mid 80s on saturday, sunday, and maybe a sprinkle on monday. but for the most part, not bad. low humidity, temperatures in the 60s. >> if that cold front comes through slower. >> exactly. we'll be back. >>> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address, mailbag@wusa9.com. 9news now will be right back. >>> in the mail bag tonight, reaction to last week's interview regarding u.s.a. today's twit
popped up really in the last half an hour. this storm between great falls and reston is not crazy heavy, but building a little bit with yellow there, indicating about half an inch, some rain here for your lawns. that is just drifting to the east very slowly as we need to move back out. it this storm intensifying in the southwestern county. the west side of 270 not too far. but that will be pretty heavy rain for you down to winchester. where will all these go in the next hour? they don't move very far too fast, but it is kind of moving off to the north and the east. this had kind of sit and eventually diminish. but you are under flash flood warnings. lightning, still not much of a factor as it was as they first developed, still pretty intense. the lightning out in that corner of frederick county as you can hear thunder to get the kidsindoors. a live weather look for you. 93 downtown. dew point at 63. that's pretty nice. relative humidity at 37%. you can't complain about that. 94 at great falls. 90 in arlington and 93 over in bowie. a cold front headed our way tomorrow. big storms are pos
't expect to get aid offers it sold in 15 days. belmont what did you think of that? >>> we reston's oakland has the fastest selling homes in the u.s. with an average of only 24 days on the market. real-estate manager nick falcone. >>> opens a hot area is popping. this is the kitchen will to say several factors are driving upland realistic frenzy the city has 65% fewer homes in the market this year than last 30 to 40% as sales have been on mortgage interest rates that a lower in decades oklahomans with the price of $379,000 a more affordable across the bay. to come in to live to work and play this three-bedroom 2200 square foot home in the oakland hills is a price tag of $549,000 in this bedroom is asking $292,000 in many homes are getting multiple bids over the asking price. in oakland cbs five. the situation in oakland is part of the larger housing picture in danger that is starting to improve dramatically in anthony mason has more. in new jersey toll brothers a home- building company is putting a outhouses and hiring more workers coopers the company's vice president for finance across ma
. 84 in bowie. the temperatures are nice. 87 in vienna. 83 out toward reston. so, we're looking at the pow ten potential storms. threats, hail, damaging wind. and maybe an isolated tornado. less and less concerned about that. especially west and north of town. secure your loose objects, though. go ahead and put your umbrellas down and get the small tables inside. tonight, thunderstorms, some heavy or severe. mostly cloudy, mild. low 68 to 74. winds out of the southeast at 10. a little muggy inside the beltway. low to mid 70s there. a sprinkling of 60s, but not as comfortable as last night. 69 in sterling, but 72 in college park and 74 downtown. now tomorrow morning, partly sunny, warm, maybe a late shower. the morning commute should be dry. 70s and 80s. notice the winds turn north, northwest at 10. by afternoon, partly cloudy and warm. just an isolated thunderstorm. but those that develop could still be hefty. high temperatures in the upper 80s. winds westerly at 10. so, we'll break it down for you. 68 to 74 to start. left over clouds. by noon, just warm. 82 to 86. and then by
at the numbers. 69 degrees in reston. 84 in alexandria, 81 in bethesda. we will take a close look at radar coming up. this afternoon for the high temperature. most of the heat is in the the country from kansas city down to dallas, breaking the century mark again .oday, i will look at doppler and are forecast coming up for beyond. >> after the powerful storm, obama has declared a disaster for the district of columbia. that allows the scene to collect recovermoney to help storm and other storms that followed. that includes emergency work and replacement of damaged buildings. funding could be onned up later on based assessments.e >> today is the first day health required companies are certain benefits for women for free. but there are a few exceptions. karen travers has. the has >> over a month after a supreme upheld the president's law, today marks milestone in the implementation. thanks to the affordable care for women'say health has arrived. it's the women's preventive care amendment goes into effect today. provisions that will help basic services they need. surveys show more than half the women
falls. not too bad. 82 in vienna. rain cooled 70s in reston and fairfax. 86 in college park. 83 up in laurel. all right, so we are watching very carefully a cold front on friday. that's going to be a big event late friday afternoon and friday evening. isolated storm possible tonight. hot and humid tomorrow. some storms possible tomorrow, but the real deal is going to be friday. severe storms are possible on friday. right now, we are code yellow. we may have to increase that to code red. we'll keep you posted. for tonight, early thunderstorm possible, some heavy. more to the south. lows 68 to 76. so most folks in the 70s tonight. tomorrow morning, almost hot by lunchtime. 72 to 92. should stay dry. cannot rule out an isolated shower. air quality code orange. if you have respiratory problems. isolated storms, some could be hefty. high temperatures near 95 tomorrow. next three days, we'll keep code yellow, then saturday will be code green. warm with early showers. temperatures back into the upper 80s. less humid on saturday. next seven days, upper 80s on sunday. not too bad. next week
, gaithersburg, rockville upper 60s tonight, 69 reston, fairfax, sterling. downtown is in the low 70s. tomorrow morning mostly sunny, breezy, warm, 70s and 80s, perfectly respectable and by afternoon we're looking at temperatures around 90. it's going to be kind of hot but just an isolated shower or storm possible. do not cancel those tee times. never. next three days green tomorrow, code green, 91, but we'll go code yellow sunday and labor day, 86 sunday, primarily afternoon storms and labor day storms can occur at any time. next seven days showers and storms could linger tuesday and wednesday and even into thursday. by thursday a cold front rolls through. that should clear what is left of isaac completely out of the eastern seaboard, leave us with a nice friday next week. >>> in our weird news file you know how sometimes people will pant size about being at their own funerals -- fantasize about being at their own funerals. that, of course, is quite unlikely. however, here is the next best thing to the rugged southern island of iceland where a woman on a tour bus went missing and search and re
in rockville. gaithersburg, mid-60s. beltsville, 71. annapolis around 77. reston, equaling down to 67 degrees. so the rain, it is really keeping things on the cooler side. and we will still be unsettled and mild for the next couple of days here. scattered showers are possible tonight. monday morning, maybe some areas of fog, maybe some showers as well. monday afternoon, a better chance for scattered showers. tuesday, still mild and also more showers are possible. our future cast. here is your clock at the top of the corner there. temperatures again will be in the 60s. we're looking at showers and storm, possible. maybe some heavier stuff out to the south. monday morning, only a chance for a shower and a cloudy start. kids are going back to school. don't forget your umbrella. monday afternoon, we'll see more showers are possible. and also impacting the evening commute, especially into leesburg, winchester, frederick. temperatures might be in the upper 70s in some locations. for tonight, cloudy with showers, lows in the 60s. tomorrow is kind of the same set up. temperatures in the lower 80s wit
downtown talking about low 70s, but very comfortable north and west, 64 gaithersburg, 65 reston, 64 leesburg, 68 in college park. friday morning, mostly sunny, warming up, 70s and 80s, winds out of the southwest at 10. by afternoon mostly sunny and hot but not humid, high temperatures near 95 and winds west, southwest at 10. next three days we'll keep it green tomorrow, hot but not humid, 94. we'll keep it green saturday, isolated storm, 91. you don't have to change your plans. sunday code yellow, scattered thunderstorms especially in the afternoon, high temperatures in the upper 80s. now the next seven days, labor day even a better chance for thunderstorms, temperatures still in the upper 80s. tuesday a leftover thunderstorm still possible, highs acme still be plea an -- highs in the 80s, still meandering around a bit left with isaac. >>> topper said it, going to be pitch perfect for the nats game tonight. >> reporter: it feels great out here right now. fans are piling in because the nats are opening up their last big homestand of the season. it is against the world champs, but ho
, is in the number one spot and has ploy crime rates, jobs and schools. in our area, reston, virginia, number seven; centreville made the list of 17. howard county in eighth place, waldorf in charles county for you. each area made the list based on housing, family incomes and quality of life. >> a d.c. woman is a million dollars richer tonight. catherine jackson is the newest winner. after a handful of lottery tickets, the golden ticket was sold at the petrone convenience store in southeast and jackson said august 8th was the day that changeed her life. >> i text my husband and let him know i went to cash the ticket and on one of the machines that you have and that i have winner. i am looking away and i'm like oh, come on and what is -- and whatever. you're a big winner. >> the winning numbers are a combination of the siblings' birthdate and hers and no word what she will do with the cash. >>> dozens of firefighters battling wile fires throughout the west. the west. . >> the pittsburgh steelers jumping in on the carly rae bandwagon. check it out. k it out. organic artichokes, organic lettuce, organ
thunderstorm watches but right now temperatures are cooling down quickly. already gaithersburg 66, reston 69, lower 70s at college park and in downtown we're in the upper 70s. so here's a look at our forecast for overnight. we're looking at clearing skies, temperatures in the lower 70s in downtown. lower 60s outside in the suburbs, and here's your look at your wake-up forecast for your thursday. so if you are headed out tomorrow, we'll bottom out in the 60s and 70s by 9:00. it will feel nice and mild. we'll talk about the next chance for some bigger storms on friday, and i'll take a look at your weekend forecast. back to you. >> thanks, anny. >>> tomorrow morning members of the transgender community plan to protest outside d.c. mayor vincent gray's office. they say despite antidiscrimination laws transgender people stiffly a hard time finding a place to live and work. >>> an update tonight on the story 9news has been reporting on and following since early this year. the owner of town square market in northwest d.c. today faced a hearing to determine whether he would be able to keep his liquo
to low 70s. a smattering of 60s north and west. 69 in gaithersburg. 70 in reston. 70 in fairfax and 72 over toward college park and bowie. tomorrow morning, a late shower possible, but a dry morning commute. 70s and 80s. by afternoon, isolated storms tomorrow and those that develop could be hefty. they'll be isolated. winds westerly at 10. next three days, because of those isolated storms, 87. code green on thursday. great day. hot, but not humid. and more storms on friday. especially later in the day, 92 for a high. some of those storms could be hefty. next seven days. that's the second front that rolls through on friday. sets the stage for a nice saturday, but more showers, not so much severe weather, but showers on sunday, low to mid 80s. nice on monday and tuesday. temperatures in the low to mid 80s again. those 60s are downtown. we might peek into the upper 50s monday night. >> looking forward to that. we'll be back. i got the chance to start my own business. i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympi
strikes associated with this pretty big cell. some light showers and light rain potentially into reston, rockville, olney, germantown and poolesville. not all of this could be hitting the ground. temperatures only 83 degrees, winds northwest at 12 miles per hour. temperatures today thanks to the cloud cover keeping things not hot at all, 82 la plata, 77 in leesburg, winchester down to 73, thanks to the rain cooling you down. some isolated storms are possible the rest of this evening, some strong or severe. thursday less humid, will feel really nice, hot friday, then much cooler for the weekend. check out your 9 futurecast. to put this into motion, storms possible tonight, but they'll be kind of few and far between. overnight we clear out. thursday lots of sunshine and thursday night will be a nice night to have dinner on the patio if you want. friday morning, start out sunny, but clouds increase throughout the day. we have another cold front coming through starting in from the northwest. by friday evening it could be a wet commute. we could see more storms come through. tonight a few st
, 78 in reston, still 84 in manassas. so great night for football, no doubt about. that maybe you want a light jacket for the game, probably upper 60s, low 70s before the game is over. rest the ac, warmer thursday, hot finish to the week, but humidity remains in check through friday. next three days keep it code green, fantastic tomorrow 88, 94 friday, hot but not humid and then 91 saturday, isolated thunderstorm possible, temperature still around 90. next seven days we get into sunday and labor day i've got isaac there and some of the remnants could throw us some moisture, showers and storms possible the second half of sunday, most of labor day back in the 80s, a leftover storm tuesday 91, partly cloudy next wednesday and 90. the unofficial end of summer, warm, temperatures in the 80s. i think we'll have to dance around a few storms. >>> we've got some good football weather tonight, you've done your part. kristen berset is happy to hear she's not going to be standing outside with tropical storm winds and rain on the sideline. >> reporter: it's gorgeous here right now with the sun goi
the beltway you're right around 70, 72 in arlington, 65 reston and sterling and toward leesburg and middleburg and manassas. friday morning mostly sunny, warming up a little, temperatures in the 70s and 80s, winds out of the southwest at 10. by afternoon mostly sunny and hot but not that humid. that is the key. high temperatures near 95, winds west, southwest at 10. next three days, code green tomorrow. it's going to be hot but not humid, 94, isolated storm saturday, 91. we'll keep that code green. don't change your plans. sunday a little better chance of showers and storms. right now code yellow, temperatures in the upper 80s, might reduce that to green if isaac slows down. next seven days, labor day tter chance for showers and thunderstorms and maybe even a leftover thunderstorm tuesday. we should dry out wednesday and thursday, but actually i was looking at new information. we could have more showers and thunderstorms wednesday and thursday and less on sunday and monday which wouldn't be bad. >> that would be better. >> yeah. stay tuned. >> thank you, sir. >>> we'll butch up
on the outdoor screen at 1stened when street -- -- 1st and l street. >> in reston they're holding a cookout from 4:00 to 7:00 on pine crest road. more than a hundred communities in prince george's county are holding events, including a moon bounce and water slide at bladensburg waterfront park. >>> we'll see a mix of clouds and sunshine today. another warm to hot day. by noon 85. isolated shower or thunderstorm possible this afternoon. highs upper 80s to low 90s. >>> if you're east on 66 going to cost you some time trying to get into falls church toward ballston and rosslyn. a long-standing crash before fairfax drive just moved on to the shoulder so the pace is at least better here eastbound 66 inside the beltway. got complete details and timesaver traffic coming up at 6:18. back to you. >> thanks, bev. see you in a little bit. >>> 6:12. here's what's making news this morning. jared lee loughner is expected to enter a guilty plea in an arizona courtroom. he's the accused gunman in the shooting in tucson in 2011. 's charged with killing six people and then trying to kill congresswoman gabriel gif
gaithersburg, 65 reston, fairfax and 68 in college park. tomorrow sunshine in the morning warming quickly, 70s and 80s. air quality forecast be code healthy, by afternoon mostly sunny, hot, not that humid is the key. high temperatures will be near 95, winds west, southwest at 10. next three days, code green tomorrow and saturday, an isolated storm, 91 and code yellow sunday with the threat of thunderstorms and temperatures in the upper 80s. next seven days, even a better chance on labor day with temperatures in the upper 80s, even into tuesday isolated thunderstorm possible. highs go back into the low 90s and then wednesday and thursday if isaac behaves, pulls out to the north and kind of dissipates, we'll be dry, partly cloudy with high temperatures in the upper 80s. so it is warm out here. don't get me wrong, but it is comfortable and if is a great night for -- it is a great night for baseball. back to you guys. >>> coming up on 9news the third time is a charm for a nasa rocket carrying twin satellites into orbit. >> up next for the second straight day a tractor trailer truck overturns and b
with college park at 77. reston 72. off to the south we've got 74 in alexandria and upper marlboro this morning. also 74 degrees. outside on our michael & son weather camera, got a good hour and a quarter before sunrise, 76. humidity high 82%. the winds west, southwest now. they'll turn northwesterly behind the front which will come through it and behind it the air much drier. it will be with us for tonight, tomorrow into thursday and even friday but by friday temperatures on the way up. so the forecast, we've got a good looking day. just a couple of showers early this morning. 90 this afternoon with the sunshine. 70 tonight for d.c. north and west, though, we'll drop into the low 60s. beautiful tomorrow, 85 with 50s and 60s. that's right, some 50s. by thursday morning in the outer suburbs. thursday warmer 88. friday we turn hot, 95. then the weekend forecast, it just depends exactly on isaac but looks like monday the better day for some showers and storms for your labor day. >>> there are reports out of london this morning that rupert murdoch personally ordered his son tabloid newspaper to run
: congressman jerry connally rallies in reston. >> we need to balance out southern virginia. >> it is good to be back in southern balance balance. >> reporter: some political analysts say president obama has to win convincingly in northern virginia. >> he needs to crush romney. >> reporter: george mason university associate professor on public policy, jeremy mayor, adds there are few father to victory for romney that doesn't involve taking virginia. someone who could throw the race off kilter is virgil good who spent 24 years as a virginia state senator and 12 years in the house. the conservative is gathering signatures to get on the ballot as a third party candidate. he's widely known in the southern part of the state and many argue a vote for him takes away from romney. >> governor mitt romney has the right approach to turn this state and this country around. >> reporter: supporters are concentrating on what they can control and that is get out their message and enjoy the commonwealth being in the spotlight. >> we're the epicenter in some ways of this president campaign and northern virg
to celebrate another victory in the commonwealth city. >> reporter: congressman rallies in reston. >> we need to balance out southern virginia. >> it is good to be back in virginia! >> reporter: some political analysts say mr. obama has to win convincingly in northern virginia. >> he doesn't need to win northern virginia, he needs to crush romney in northern virginia. >> reporter: george mason university associate professor jeremy mayer adds there are few paths to victory for romney that doesn't involve taking virginia. and someone who could throw the race off kilter for romney is vir jill goud who spent 12 years in the house. the conservative is gathering signatures to get on the ballot as a third party candidate, he's widely known in the southern part of the state and many argue a vote for him takes away from romney. >> governor mitt romney's got the right approach to turn this state and this country around. >> reporter: supporters are concentrating on what they can control and that's to get out their message and enjoy the commonwealth's being in the spotlight. >> we're the epicenter in som
public records and interviews. but his motive is still a mystery. tahman bradley has more. >> reston community remember the victims of the massacre and killing information has emerged about the shooter. police are investigating wade michael page's alleged ties. to white supremacist ties the southern poverty law center has been tracking him more than 10 years as he moved to america's skinhead circles. >> he first appeared on a white supremacist seen in 2000 when he started to play in a number of very well-known white power music bands. >> his most recent band is called end apathy and they perform that white power festivals across the country. >> ♪ ♪ >> he served in the army from 1992 to 1998 and trained in psychological warfare. he was discharged after being demoted and dean's ineligible for reimbursement. his stepmother laura told abc news the military changed him. >> he was gentle and kind and loving and was a happy person and a happy child. what happened, god only knows. >> abc news has learned this is where he bought the springfield 9 millimeter semiautomatic pistol. three of
'll see out here as far as temperatures go, 81 in reston, 82 in rock ville. nice and cool in gayers burg. we're looking at very nice numbers, really not a lot of human yesterday, so today so far the coolest day we have seen. most of them right along 81 here they will make their way in toward fauquier county, and they may actually fall apart. we'll have to wait and see. there would be more instability. sown to the south and east, also portions of the northern neck, we're looking at a severe thunderstorm there. upper 50s for many of you. you're going to wake up to a nice morning. then tomorrow afternoon another nice day. a high around 91. everyone will see sunshine. late thunderstorms coming in after the 5:00, 6:00 hours, 82 on saturday, then look at next week, temperatures very nice, only in the 80s not a ball forecast. >> they both have been diagnosised with breast cancer. >> the alexandria couple has raised four sons. >> i told you i had a lot of honeymoons. >> and brood of grandkids. my, they have been busy. >> they certainly have. >> reporter: after 5 a years of marriage, an unexpecte
muggy, low to mid-70s -- bit muggy, low to mid-70s. 68 in reston, fairfax and 69 in rockville. tomorrow morning sunny, warm, breezy, 70s and 80s, winds northwest 10 to 15. by afternoon partly cloudy, almost hot, an isolated shower or storm, high temperatures around 90. next three days, tomorrow will be code green. don't change your plans, 91, isolated storm. we'll go code yellow sunday and monday, might drop sunday back to green, a few storms and showers primarily in the afternoon, 86. labor day a better chance for showers and storms at any time. next seven days leftover showers tuesday and wednesday and kind of hot, temperatures the low 90s, storms again thursday with a cold front. that should signal a nice friday and perhaps a nice next weekend with lower temperatures, lower humidity, back in the 80s. >> we'll take that. we'll keep the summer going. >> i like that. it doesn't feel like we've gone through it already of the. >>> what it is time for is some good-byes for the skins. >> one of the toughest days for any nfl team or player. it is final cut day. the redskins are involved in t
cooler. 83 right now in upper marlboro. light winds and reston. showers and storms are intense the eastern shore. some lingering heavy downpours thunderstorms and culpeper, authwest and 3 greene county, r showers farther north toward manassas. that is the last of the batch here as the last piece of energy will follow a cold front. everything pushing out to sea as from march's eastward. 64-70 degrees overnight. thursday looks like this. sunny, warm, and a dry. we approach 90 degrees. heat and humidity ganged up on friday. a strong cold front friday will, saturday morning chance ofod showers and storms. out. it lower 80's through the weekend early next week. >> thank you. to get thel's need giants. >> their plan as we speak. they're planning a matinee the giants right now at at&t part. francisco's best player has games fornded 50 substance.ned he will not be in the pennant race. of the first.p h takes lincecum to field. how about this? that is gone. danny espinoza calls on the long ball. 5-2 nationals. huge news out of college park. was injured last night. confirmednoon it was ma
, but eased back to 79 in gaithersburg. reston, too, joining the crew at ft. belvoir. i'm keeping an eye on a handful of very light showers. no lightning, so don't expect to hear the thunder. approaches a deal, and backing in towards calvert county. off to the west here right along the potomac and straddling 95, a few more showers, very light and falling apart. so your forecast tonight, just a couple. a little rainy, especially later in the asp, highs reaching for 80, but a lot of us putting on the brakes at 77. >>> something about the 80 best -- >> yes. >> i'll bet i know every single one of them. i didn't know them personally. >> vintage. >> is that the word? >> vintage. it's crowded at the facility, but cuts are getting ready to happen. you can't make the club if you spend a lot of time in the rehab tub. buffett members of the tub club is anthony armstrong. he's missed a major time nurse ago right shoulder injury, and this has not been the year to be hurt, as zachary keyes tells us, the position is loaded. >> every day is an evaluation day. when you have more competent is it, it's mor
. 59 in winchester. 70 in strasbourg, virginia. reston, 54. 67 in northwest washington in oxon hill, . 82 degrees expected at lunchtime with a few clouds. in the afternoon, mid '80s with thundershowers afternoon and into the like yesterday. we will talk about tomorrow's ahead. straight now to angela. off to a pretty good start. on the key routes. 95 making the drive northbound through the occoquan, looking pretty good all the way up to 395. no trouble spots making your way the 14th street bridge. looking good northbound 95. south of the occoquan, we have a in theongoing work zones lanes of '95, but down for theow you most part. the heavier volume will be on the northbound side. traveling in maryland on the two pretty good ofg making the drive from laurel. southbound lanes are open and moving without delay. fromfrom 695, good to go laurel down to the capital beltway. the capital beltway, tapping brakes briefly through the between new zone hampshire avenue and university boulevard. good morning. >> good morning, angela. following breaking news right .ow extreme unrest in damascus. eig
. not too far is reston, virginia. major technology firms have hubs in reston. for six we go to irvine, california. it's got amazing weather. you have surf, sand and sun. 20,000 acres of parks in irvine. number five to washington state we go. remond, washington. home of microsoft. for number four back over this way. newton, massachusetts. a town near universities like m.i.t., boston college. you have newton as well. number three is hiding from me. number three eden prairie, minnesota. this town has all kinds of natural beauty and healthy employment prospects. that's really great. number two we have mckinney, texas. low taxes mean companies with white collar jobs in technology and energy. number one is carmel, indiana. the unemployment rate is just over half the national average. you can take a look at this whole list. the best places to live and see where your town ranks. go do cnnmoney.com. >>> i love this story. this real life indiana jones wants you to find his million dollar treasure. this bizarre treasure hunt is making headlines right now and this dpguy is hoping it will ma major
overnight, hitting showers without being around the area, and just off to our north and west, reston and lees burg, light showers, dale city, la plata, morning showers lots of cloud cover, and again all this cold front trying to work its way through, obviously not through yet as our temperatures are still in the upper 70s, to about 80. here is your forecast today, clouds to start your day, late they are afternoon, breaks of sunshine, check out your high temperature last couple days, mid-to upper 90s. today our afternoon highs only mid-to upper 80s with a little less humidity as well. >>> more details on weather in a minute, traffic and julie wright has got your latest are you out there? >> i'm here. we are just trying to get things set up for you. we have a lot going on right now. travelling the top stretch to have belt way, below speed as you travel 16 miles per hour, college park over towards your exit for georgia avenue, southbound 95, not a bad ride, south, headed down toward it is belt way, started off 31 miles an hour, 109, truck scales, 32 miles an hour out of gaithersburg, he
young could be suffering today. 68 in reston and over towards centreville this morning. leesburg also 68. we dropped to 65 in lovettsville. 71 in bethesda and criminal park this morning -- and college park this morning 69. 70 from prince frederick and 71 earlier at andrews. they dropped to 69. still very dark. sunrise isn't until 6:11 this morning. 76 degrees. national reporting just a couple clouds but we're mostly clear with calm winds and our humidity still way up there, 82%. so muggy out once again. unlike yesterday, just a little less energy. i don't think we'll pop as many thunderstorms. you can see that on the future cast. we'll see a few out toward the higher elevations, the ridgetops out to the west here this afternoon. we'll pop a couple as well but nothing terribly widespread the way it's looking. we'll get into the evening hours. things quiet down. tomorrow in the afternoon daytime heating, we're going to pop more showers and storms in the afternoon. we're going to do about the same on saturday. probably about the same on sunday. so today just an isolated storm or two, 94. to
without seeing rain. 84 in dulles, 84 in reston, and right now 83 in camp springs, out there towards prince george's county. at around 82 degrees. we still have storms to talk about. back towards washington county. in toward the panhandle of west virginia. another storm that's just developed to the west of winchester, and more down to the south. right now not a whole lot going on. you don't see a lot of lightning, but we're still watching storms back to the west. this is a severe thunderstorm warning, and these storms are trying to move our direction. we're not out of the woods yet, but for the evening hours, the next couple hours, i think we'll be okay. if you do hear thunder or see lightning, make sure you get inside right away. the best chance of stores will be south and east of washington, down towards southern maryland. 67 in leesburg, 69 in cull beper, not a bad night, but a few showers and few storms tomorrow, highs in the upper 80s, more sunshine to the west, chance of storms out to the east. >> thanks, doug. >>> so we've got the first rg3 game, the first preseason game out o
in reston, and manassas coming in at 91 degrees. that heat index in low to mid-90s in many locations. watch your way making your way out, but things should begin to improve for the rest of the evening. radar showing a lot of thunderstorm activity in through southern maryland. one in calvert county and st. mary's county. but that's really about it. most of it is now dying out and will continue to do so as the sun goes down. high temperatures, rather low temperatures tonight, very warm in the city, about 77 here, 68 in leesburg, tomorrow back into the 90s. maybe 96 to 97 in d.c., 97 in fredericksburg. a good place to go, down toward the beaches, ocean city, bethany, all coming in in the 80s the next couple of days. the weather there looking pretty good. right now, though, it is thursday and that means our backyard weather. we've got veronica johnson who is live today in mt. vernon. v.j., how is it going? >> reporter: it's going great. we talked to the parents, talked about the food. now we have the kids. your dad is a retired lieutenant colonel, i'm the daughter of a sergeant, i know life was
in the panhandle. temps in the upper 60s in reston to 73 in arlington. 68 also in fort belvoir. off to the east 71 upper marlboro and 70 rockville. outside our michael & son weather camera, we're in tysons corner. haze out there. 76 degrees with cloudy skies being reported at reagan national with a dew point way up so the humidity sticky, 94%. future cast today moist air is in place but not too much of a trigger so other than than an isolated storm, we're not seeing too much today. some showers maybe late tonight toward tomorrow morning. then scattered showers and storms on friday ahead of the cold front. that will bring us some better weather, more comfortable stuff later saturday into sunday. here's the forecast. today 94, boarderline yellow alert for the isolated storm. tonight mid-70s for lows, showers and storms, especially toward tomorrow morning. scattered showers and storms, maybe a few strong ones, # 9. over by the beach could linger much of the day with the showers. sunday looks real good with highs in the upper 80s. 6:17. beverly farmer, we've got problems on the metro. what about the r
s to around 90. fairfax, a city right now, great falls and reston, all at 86. down towards culpepper, 84 user temperature. up north right now in damascus and gaithersburg, 82, that is our cool spot. puffy clouds, clouds on the increase for the evening hours, and especially past midnight. so at 5:00 this evening, we'll be at 89 degrees, a warm evening, a nice evening, 85 by 7:00. down to 78 degrees by 11:00 p.m. so, again, the possible of some storms tomorrow. as far as the week ahead, w5r789. we'll see where the temperatures will be sitting in just a couple minutes. jim, pat, right back to you. >>> now that the london olympic games are over, thousands are making a mad dash to get back home. more than 100,000 people are expected at heathrow airport today. martha fairly talked to some@threets and travelers as they want so long to the host city. >> reporter: this is expected to be heathrow's busiest day of the olympic games, with an estimated 116,000 people flying away after yesterday's closing ceremony. amongst them, 6,000 athletes, who will be passing through this very special tempora
by then. 60s in fairfax county for the most part. fairfax 69. reston 67. mid-60s in lovettsville. also in laytonsville at 66. gaithersburg and rockville are at 70. to our east we've got upper 60s from bowie and also in crofton there. we've got 70 in upper parl borrow and 72 -- upper marlboro and 72 in andrea. hazy skies out there. the air is still light. dew point in the low 70s. that's sticky stuff. humidity 85%. the really hot stuff not here. 90 to 95 is hot but it ain't 112 like they're dealing with in oklahoma city. dangerous heat continues for that part of the country because the ridge of high pressure continues over that part of the country. you can see the showers and storms going up and over that ridge with the storms toward kansas city this morning. scattered showers and storms in the south. they got some drought conditions there as well. looks like our rain chances will be a little less today and then back again for the next few afternoons. we'll pop the storms with the daytime heating. as we look at the forecast, today is going to be a warm one for sure. hot, 94. isolated st
. it is those clouds that kept our temperatures down a bit. 83 in reston, 86 at the airport, and 86 down towards huntingtown, as far as the rain goes, they're back to the west of us. this one will go right over toward the thurmont area. trying to weaken just a bit. it will produce winds of 50, maybe 60 miles per hour, so we could see trees down out of that storm. the wider view here showing there are more storms back to our southwest and back toward the west with the initial area of low pressure, we'll watch through the rest of the evening and overnight. we're not out of the woods yet, but we will not see a weedpri outbreak. if you're thinking about heading out tonight, temperatures will be on the nice side. tomorrow 76, 67 in leesburg. best chance for rain in the morning, along the coast of the chesapeake. out to the west, sunshine, 85 in martins burg, 85 in winchester, 86 in la ray, but down towards ocean city and rehobeth, expect some vain. better weather on sunday and monday, and most of next week is looking very, very good. tomorrow, that's still the wrong seven-day forecast. i'm very upset
, potomac, reston and getting a good downpour at the moment to river road and foot -- to the east of dulles, light shower activity as well and this is furbing to the east and north and not dealing with the rain showers all night and a few showers over the next hour or two and the new -- let me show you what is going on and this is a cold front to the south and east. for much of the day, a cloud cover, a descent amount of sunshine in washington and still humid. out to the south and east and some rain showers along the lower eastern shore and they will have a tendency to fall a part as well and south and east, the more cloud cover you will see tomorrow and that is as the frontal system is a slow mover. i think as we get into late night and early morning hours, there should be more and more sunshine and with mostly sunny skies, highs in the upper 80s and less humidity and we didn't touch the 90 degrees mark for a second time in a row. 89 at reagan national; 88 at dulles; 87 at bwi marshal and tomorrow, upper 80s to 90. and temperature now, 75 in quash wash and annapolis and to the north of and
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